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Ten Years of canfitpro

Je souhaitais partager avec vous ce blogue que j'ai écrit pour

Attending canfitpro last month inspired me to write this blog. As a fitness instructor and presenter, for me canfitpro is associated with many firsts: first time attending a fitness conference, first time being on stage as a dancer for a presenter, first time winning a contest (So You Wanna be A Presenter 2006), and of course,  first time presenting. This is the reason I felt like sharing a few memories of my time spent at this amazing conference over the past 10 years, and I hope you get a chance to discover if for yourself one day.

My first conference

In 2003, Toronto went through a major black out the night before the beginning of the conference. And of course, the electricity wasn’t back when the first session kicked off. My first session of the weekend was with the lovely Carole Woodstock, someone I truly love and admire. She had no electricity, no mic, yet she did remarkably well considering she was teaching a Ballet Bootcamp with no music, little lighting, and as she says herself, she can’t sing to save her life. I love that girl!

My first time on stage

Many people have inspired me over the last decade, and I’ve had the honor to step up on stage with many of them (Joelle Ménard, Shelly McDonald, Arnaud Cior, Lawrence Biscontini, to name a few). The first person I had the honor to perform with onstage, for a dance workshop, was Carole Woodstock. I will always treasure that moment.

My first time winning a contest

In the summer of 2006, my friend Nadège St-Philippe, and I, took a chance and sent in our portfolio for the canfitpro contest So You Wanna Be A Presenter, thinking, let’s give it a try and see what happens. We both had attended a fair share of conferences, had a lot of experience teaching, and had our share of followers. We were under the impression that we would present as first-timers at canfitpro, in Montreal, where we were better known. Imagine our surprise when we were informed we would be presenting at the canfitpro Toronto, the biggest of the canfitpro conferences!


Those are the memories… In fact those are just a few of the many wonderful moments I cherish from attending canfitpro events. Thank you, canfit, for the last 10 years of good times, and inspiring moments. Cheers to the memories, and to many many more!

Sur scène avec Arnaud Cior à canfitpro

En attendant le prochain congrès canfitpro qui se déroulera à Toronto du 15 au 19 août, visionnez l'extrait d'un atelier de Step du conférencier international Arnaud Cior au congrès de Toronto de l'an passé. Que de plaisir!