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Connaissez-vous FitCamp?

Découvrez la formation pour instructeurs et présentateurs FitCamp qui se déroule régulièrement à Puerto Rico.

Delivering More Than A Workout

As a Fitness Professional, you know that a big part of your job is coaching your clients to success with their bodies. You help them achieve major and minor feats, from building their muscles down to just making it through today’s workout. As a life coach at The Handel Group®, I also teach people how to build their “muscles,” but in our method, happiness is based on the strength of the personal integrity muscle. Like you, I help clients connect with what they deeply want and use that spark to help sustain ongoing efforts. Also like you, I am astounded by the positive impact that physical training has on mental and emotional health and happiness. I dare say it’s downright spiritual. Read on to find out more on this topic or similar ones at