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Ambassadrice du congrès ECA

Voici un billet qui a été publié sur le site ECA expliquant mon rôle d’ambassadrice ECA (le texte est en anglais)

In this month’s ECA blog, I’m turning the tables, opening up about myself as ECA Ambassador, fitness Writer and Blogger. ECA Isabelle et Carol Scott (ECA logo in background)

1. How did fitness become a career? I danced all my life, and started teaching fitness while I was studying to get my degree in Communications. Still today, performing (dancing and singing) is my number one passion, but I was always interested by the media. In fact, I knew at a very young age that I wanted to work in television. I could already picture myself being on screen, with my name appearing below me. Internet being a wonderful platform, I soon started to shine on the web by sharing exercise and health tips through articles and fitness clips in French and English. This eventually prepared me for my regular appearances on local and national television shows in Canada.

2. How does one become an ECA Ambassador? I became a fitness ambassador for ECA last November, after attending a decade of ECA events. As an ambassador, I promote the organization and interview incredibly talented presenters for the E News and ECA blog. So far, I’ve had the honor of connecting with Carol Scott, Lashaun Dale, Lisa Wheeler, Ben Bidlack, Petra Kolber, and most recently, Stacey Lei Krauss. What I love about getting presenters to confide in me is that it allows us all to get to know them better. I also wanted them to have a voice so they could open up about their struggles, their lessons learnt, and the people who inspire them.

3. Who or what inspires me? So many people inspire me. Lashaun Dale, Carol Scott, Geoff Bagshaw, John Shehan Lisa Wheeler, Abby Goldenberg, Calvin Wiley, Carole Woodstock, Lawrence Biscontini, and many more! These lovely human beings have helped me become a better version of myself on both a personal and a professional level. I truly thank them for that.

4. What are my upcoming projects? I will continue to pursue my work as a spokesperson for healthy living, (finally) finish my Masters in Communication and Health, and devote time to helping animals live a better life.

5. What makes me happy? Good coffee, great company, red wine, NYC, and amazing people. I’m also at my happiest when I am achieving something and moving forward.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for ECA, please contact Carol Scott. Share your love for fitness and wellbeing with the world!

Lancement de l’album de Corneille

Le message de paix et d’espoir de Corneille


10 trucs pour rester motivé pendant l’entraînement

Pas toujours facile de se remettre en forme ! Voici 10 trucs pour vous aider à rester motivé à l’entraînement.

Top 10 reasons to go to ECA/NYC

ECA/NYC is the first fitness conference I ever attended in the US, and it's the one I look forward to most every year. That being said, whether it's in New York, Florida or California, ECA is synonymous with talent, integrity and inspiration. Here are 10 great reasons you should attend the next ECA event.

1. The talent.

ECA presenters are incredibly inspiring. They help refuel and motivate, allowing us as instructors and personal trainers to continue doing what we do best, share our passion of/for exercise and wellbeing.  These talented human beings allow us to dream, and believe that we too may one day be leaders and trendsetters in the fitness industry.


2. The sessions.

Having to choose between so many great sessions is a blessing. And spending the day learning and sweating is a pure delight! ECA is like a day camp for grown ups or even a Club Med, with hours of moving, learning and laughing. No such thing as too much fun!


3. The city.

Being in New York City is a reason in itself to attend the ECA/NYC fitness conference. How exciting is to be in New York, on Broadway, at the Marriott Marquis? Whether you're from New York, or from out of town, being in The City, on Broadway and 45thStreet makes the experience that much more exciting. Not to mention the energy of colleagues that are driven by the same passion, and the inspiration left, right and center. You must attend to see for yourself.


4. The bonding.

Whether it be in a workshop where you connect with someone or at the closest Starbucks while standing in line amongst fitness peeps dressed in Lululemon apparel, anywhere you go you are surrounded with the amazing energy of people that love what they do and believe in the art of exercise.


5. The inspiration.

During the conference, or on the return home, part of the pleasure is reminiscing about past sessions and remembering all the great moments of bonding with people met in workshops, lectures and social events. Chatting with presenters, bonding over dinner after a full day of fun, shopping at the Trade Show, etc. are just a few of the memories you will treasure for a very long time.


6. The mindset, the values.

ECA is known for fostering ideas of imagination and cooperation, and its audience represents the influencers in fitness that we all want to be a part of.  In 2014, ECA will be the most talked about fitness convention in the world for many reasons. ECA and its' staff are passionate about fitness, the industry, and the planet.

7. The leadership

ECA is the undisputed leader for innovative and quality programming since 1991. If you want to be the best, ECA is the place to be.


8. The trends.

ECA is a great place to learn about the upcoming trends in fitness. Plus, it allows you to discover trends that are not mainstream, introduced by inspiring instructors that have not yet been discovered. Beto, creator of ZUMBA for example, came to ECA years ago to present his program, and now, we all know how successful it has become worldwide!


9. The time.

The time spent in this type of setting is very special. Over the course of the weekend, time flies, and at the same time, is at a stand still because you appreciate and live every moment. Getting up early, attending classes, mingling, having a quick bite, taking more workshops, grabbing coffee, going out for Happy Hour, getting all dolled up for supper, dining out, and then enjoying the nightlife of New York, it's pretty amazing what you can do in a New York minute!


10. Carol Scott.

Last, but not least, attend Carol Scott's management session. Carol's lecture, You Had Me At Hello, covers such topics as, management, recruitment, branding, and building a great business. Here is her lecture description: If it were only that easy! Great management, recruitment, branding, and building your business takes hard work and expertise! Learn how to assess the marketplace, find openings for creating new business, and how to develop a plan for your next career move. If you're looking to take the next step in your career, this lecture will give you the tools you need to make that step a successful one. Learn how to identify possible opportunities, how to develop your vision into a profitable entity and find that next thing to make you more money. Whether you're a group ex teacher or personal trainer looking to move up the ladder, or a manager looking for greater success or you're looking to open up your own studio or make your studio more successful, or you simply want to improve your world view of the fitness industry – this lecture will go over the necessary skills and a plan of action for achievement.


The countdown is on! Will you be attending an ECA event this year?


Entrevue avec Stéfanie Poulin

Stéfanie Poulin, une fille à qui tout réussi!

J'ai rencontré Stéfanie afin de discuter de son nouveau projet Projet Pilates ROUGE, de son Studio Endorphine et de sa passion pour le Pilates.

1. À quel âge as-tu commencé à pratiquer le Pilates?

J'ai commencé à pratiquer le Pilates vers l’âge de 26 ans. À ce moment, j'étais déjà impliquée dans l’univers du Fitness depuis plus de dix ans. Étant réticente à cette forme d’exercice, ça m'a pris presque une année avant de m’avouer vaincue de cette nouvelle passion pour la méthode. Depuis, je ne cesse de vouloir en savoir plus sur cette méthode qui va de soi . 

2. Quelle méthode as-tu étudié?

J'ai étudié la méthode Stott Pilates au Mat, Reformer, Chaise et autres accessoires. Je suis maintenant certifiée sous l’enseignement de mon mentor Richard Rossiter, 2e génération Master Instructor à l’institut de Pilates à Boulder au Colorado.

3. Quelle est ta spécialité en Pilates?

Ma spécialité est vers les athlètes de toutes catégories et vers le pré et post-natal . 

4. Quelles sont tes sources d'inspiration?

J' ai une motivation intrinsèque. Joseph H. Pilates m'inspire toujours malgré le fait qu'il ne vit plus. Richard Rossiter, mon mentor est ma source d'inspiration et d' influence. 

5. Quels sont tes projets actuels?

Le projet sur leque je me concentre présentement est le Projet Pilates ROUGE: 10 SÉANCES POUR SENTIR LA DIFFÉRENCE. J'aimerais qu on ait une centaine d'adeptes d'ici l'an prochain.

6. Quel est ton prochain grand rêve?

Pour le moment, mon grand rêve est de pouvoir pratiquer mon pilates de façon quotidienne :))


Merci Stefanie de m'avoir accordé cette entrevue. RDV en classe au Studio Endorphine

Stefanie vous invite à relevez le défi Pilates ROUGE dès aujourd'hui. Vous pouvez aussi la suivre à la télé de VOX ou sur les ondes de MOI&cie télé dans le cadre de son émission Pilates. 





Ten Years of canfitpro

Je souhaitais partager avec vous ce blogue que j'ai écrit pour

Attending canfitpro last month inspired me to write this blog. As a fitness instructor and presenter, for me canfitpro is associated with many firsts: first time attending a fitness conference, first time being on stage as a dancer for a presenter, first time winning a contest (So You Wanna be A Presenter 2006), and of course,  first time presenting. This is the reason I felt like sharing a few memories of my time spent at this amazing conference over the past 10 years, and I hope you get a chance to discover if for yourself one day.

My first conference

In 2003, Toronto went through a major black out the night before the beginning of the conference. And of course, the electricity wasn’t back when the first session kicked off. My first session of the weekend was with the lovely Carole Woodstock, someone I truly love and admire. She had no electricity, no mic, yet she did remarkably well considering she was teaching a Ballet Bootcamp with no music, little lighting, and as she says herself, she can’t sing to save her life. I love that girl!

My first time on stage

Many people have inspired me over the last decade, and I’ve had the honor to step up on stage with many of them (Joelle Ménard, Shelly McDonald, Arnaud Cior, Lawrence Biscontini, to name a few). The first person I had the honor to perform with onstage, for a dance workshop, was Carole Woodstock. I will always treasure that moment.

My first time winning a contest

In the summer of 2006, my friend Nadège St-Philippe, and I, took a chance and sent in our portfolio for the canfitpro contest So You Wanna Be A Presenter, thinking, let’s give it a try and see what happens. We both had attended a fair share of conferences, had a lot of experience teaching, and had our share of followers. We were under the impression that we would present as first-timers at canfitpro, in Montreal, where we were better known. Imagine our surprise when we were informed we would be presenting at the canfitpro Toronto, the biggest of the canfitpro conferences!


Those are the memories… In fact those are just a few of the many wonderful moments I cherish from attending canfitpro events. Thank you, canfit, for the last 10 years of good times, and inspiring moments. Cheers to the memories, and to many many more!

5 reasons to attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention

Découvrez le congrès IDEA par l'entremise de mon blogue 5 reasons to attend the IDEA World Fitness Conference.

Connaissez-vous FitCamp?

Découvrez la formation pour instructeurs et présentateurs FitCamp qui se déroule régulièrement à Puerto Rico.


Voici quelques idées de chansons pour vos entraînements. Tous les goûts sont dans la nature!!! To each their own comme on dit en anglais. 

Les 9 meilleures chansons de septembre pour bouger

Commencez la rentrée du bon pied! Même si l’été s’achève, voici des chansons qui vous inspireront à conserver votre forme estivale.