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Top 10 reasons to go to ECA/NYC

ECA/NYC is the first fitness conference I ever attended in the US, and it's the one I look forward to most every year. That being said, whether it's in New York, Florida or California, ECA is synonymous with talent, integrity and inspiration. Here are 10 great reasons you should attend the next ECA event.

1. The talent.

ECA presenters are incredibly inspiring. They help refuel and motivate, allowing us as instructors and personal trainers to continue doing what we do best, share our passion of/for exercise and wellbeing.  These talented human beings allow us to dream, and believe that we too may one day be leaders and trendsetters in the fitness industry.


2. The sessions.

Having to choose between so many great sessions is a blessing. And spending the day learning and sweating is a pure delight! ECA is like a day camp for grown ups or even a Club Med, with hours of moving, learning and laughing. No such thing as too much fun!


3. The city.

Being in New York City is a reason in itself to attend the ECA/NYC fitness conference. How exciting is to be in New York, on Broadway, at the Marriott Marquis? Whether you're from New York, or from out of town, being in The City, on Broadway and 45thStreet makes the experience that much more exciting. Not to mention the energy of colleagues that are driven by the same passion, and the inspiration left, right and center. You must attend to see for yourself.


4. The bonding.

Whether it be in a workshop where you connect with someone or at the closest Starbucks while standing in line amongst fitness peeps dressed in Lululemon apparel, anywhere you go you are surrounded with the amazing energy of people that love what they do and believe in the art of exercise.


5. The inspiration.

During the conference, or on the return home, part of the pleasure is reminiscing about past sessions and remembering all the great moments of bonding with people met in workshops, lectures and social events. Chatting with presenters, bonding over dinner after a full day of fun, shopping at the Trade Show, etc. are just a few of the memories you will treasure for a very long time.


6. The mindset, the values.

ECA is known for fostering ideas of imagination and cooperation, and its audience represents the influencers in fitness that we all want to be a part of.  In 2014, ECA will be the most talked about fitness convention in the world for many reasons. ECA and its' staff are passionate about fitness, the industry, and the planet.

7. The leadership

ECA is the undisputed leader for innovative and quality programming since 1991. If you want to be the best, ECA is the place to be.


8. The trends.

ECA is a great place to learn about the upcoming trends in fitness. Plus, it allows you to discover trends that are not mainstream, introduced by inspiring instructors that have not yet been discovered. Beto, creator of ZUMBA for example, came to ECA years ago to present his program, and now, we all know how successful it has become worldwide!


9. The time.

The time spent in this type of setting is very special. Over the course of the weekend, time flies, and at the same time, is at a stand still because you appreciate and live every moment. Getting up early, attending classes, mingling, having a quick bite, taking more workshops, grabbing coffee, going out for Happy Hour, getting all dolled up for supper, dining out, and then enjoying the nightlife of New York, it's pretty amazing what you can do in a New York minute!


10. Carol Scott.

Last, but not least, attend Carol Scott's management session. Carol's lecture, You Had Me At Hello, covers such topics as, management, recruitment, branding, and building a great business. Here is her lecture description: If it were only that easy! Great management, recruitment, branding, and building your business takes hard work and expertise! Learn how to assess the marketplace, find openings for creating new business, and how to develop a plan for your next career move. If you're looking to take the next step in your career, this lecture will give you the tools you need to make that step a successful one. Learn how to identify possible opportunities, how to develop your vision into a profitable entity and find that next thing to make you more money. Whether you're a group ex teacher or personal trainer looking to move up the ladder, or a manager looking for greater success or you're looking to open up your own studio or make your studio more successful, or you simply want to improve your world view of the fitness industry – this lecture will go over the necessary skills and a plan of action for achievement.


The countdown is on! Will you be attending an ECA event this year?


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InterACT. ReACT. ACTivate.

The ECA OBOW conference is an important annual event to connect with others in the industry, share ideas and experience new ways to move and think. We had a fantastic time at our Physique 57 session on Friday, March 9th! Talk about an active crowd; many of the class participants had already taken up to 5 classes that day and they not only showed up but they were ready to give it their best! It’s always amazing to witness how contagious positive energy can be and the 60 people present were pumped and feeding off of each other. They found their groove with the music and were proactive to stay mentally present after a very long day, giving their bodies one more chance to shine.

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